Want to Learn some Programming Over the Summer?

(PDF Version of this document linked here, easy to print)

Good Place to Start: I put out a list of other Computer Resources (in ascending order of complexity) earlier this Spring when we all went to work at home:

And if you are Taking AP CS A next year:

To prepare, you might consider picking up a copy of the textbook and try out some Java. You can get used copies of the 2nd Edition of the book for under $15 shipped from Amazon or similar, here’s the book we use:
And this is the link to the Used listings:

Note; That since we only use the first 10 Chapters or so, there is no need to get a later (more expensive) edition, these parts of Java have not changed that much.

You can also find my older lectures (again not too much has changed in the basics of Java) from my online version of the class from 2015:
http://www.garfieldcs.com/ap-computer-science-a/2015-ap-cs/  (Starting from the bottom)
OR the summary week by week of class from 2014:

And to get Java and an environment on your PC, this information with UW links will help, we use jGrasp as our Editor (IDE) in our class (all this is free):

Working from Home – Installing Java and jGrasp on your personal computer (from UW CSE 142):  Instructions on how to Install Java & jGrasp on a personal computer from UW – NOTE: You need to install the full Java JDK (Java Development Kit with its compiler, not just Java) first and then install jGrasp, for best results. https://courses.cs.washington.edu/courses/cse142/20wi/working_at_home.shtml

jGrasp Tutorial – learn to use the features of JGrasp (from UW CSE 12):

OR If you prefer, you could explore Python or any other text-based language. There are readily available tutorials out there.

I noticed this JavaScript tutorials from Kahn Academy (note JavaScript is not Java, they just used the name):
I hope this doesn’t Overwhelm you too much. But there is a lot going on to get students programming. Best of luck getting started and I look forward to having you in my class next Fall. Feel free to drop me an email if you have a question, you might catch me. But I have a busy summer planned.

Have a great Summer! Take care and stay safe, hope to see you in the Fall.

Mr. Bergquist