Garfield Robotics Virtual Family Meeting – Gettin’ ready for the Fall Contest

Greeting from Garfield Robotics!

Saturday, Aug 22nd we had our Virtual Family “Pot Luck” to say goodbye to our graduated Seniors and pass on the plans and details for the new Season this fall.  Below are the links and notes from the meeting as well as a recording for those that could not join us:

Virtual Meeting Video (about 27 minutes)

Robot reveal video from last year:

Support Garfield Robotics, here’s how to Donate:
(make sure to designate FTC Team 4042, moneys there support both our teams)

Saying “see you later*” and thanks to our Graduated Seniors:
Aidan, Alnis, Angelina, Sam , Sho, Sparrow, & Thomas
Thanks for all your hard work and leadership in the past years, best of luck in your future.
* We need to have a reunion meeting next year!

Trailer for this Fall’s FTC challenge:
FIRST Tech Challenge Remote Events Update (Details about Remote Competitions):
FIRST Tech Challenge competition details will be revealed Sept 12th:

To start out, there will be Slack Meeting on Monday & Tuesdays 4-5 pm, hosted by our Captains and Leads
(Note: Mr. Bergquist nor any Garfield staff, will not be overseeing these, but do let him know if there any concerns arise)
If you have not joined the Garfield Slack, you can sign up:

Here is our Current Team Leadership:
(we are still filling in some positions)

Team 4042 – Nonstandard Deviation
Jaden – Captain
Imants – Design Lead
Kai – Software Lead

12788 – Ultraviolet
Julien – Captain
Theo – Software Lead