Women in Technology

Feb 2014 IGNITE field trip to Microsoft

Women in Technology Discussion Group: In order to stay updated on the quick-paced world of technology, meetings are held every Tuesday during Lunch for girls to discuss current events in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical) fields. The group allows people to embrace the STEM fields while ignoring stereotypes.  Everyone is welcome!

Meeting Activity: Each week, different members of the club choose an article, video, or section from a book to discuss at the meetings.  Bring your lunch and join in the conversation! Everyone is welcome.

When: Meetings are held every Tuesday during lunch in Mr. Bergquist’s room, 115a.

EVENTS  & Opportunities:
- Girls’ Resource Guide to STEM Education – specialized guide to aid you in finding opportunities to learn more about STEM careers & educational opportunities.
- Girls Who Code Club, Mondays after school, in 115B with Ms. Cohan. Learn to make Apps & websites by two local professionals!  Join us in being creative!
- NCWIT Aspirations in Technology competition* - all female students interested in technology should consider applying. Deadline usually late October.
(for latest events, see our Garfield CS Main page)
These Events are not SPS nor Garfield HS events and you need to talk to your parents/guardians before registering or participating in them.

Activity Ideas:

Spring 2013 Garfield CS Field Trip to Valve Software

 Past Events: