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Click Here for our new Garfield Dawgbotics Website with more details and Photos!!

Garfield Dawgbots ranks 2nd in League Competition (Nov 2015)

Click Here for our new Garfield Dawgbotics Website with more details and Photos!!

ABOUT: Garfield’s “Dawgbotics” FTC FIRST Robotics Team meets after-school on Tuesdays & Thursdays in room  115a with Mr. Fell and Mr. Bergquist.  We have been building a Robot that has already won first place ranking in our first compeition.  Stop by and check out what we are building.  You can see this year’s contest here.

PAST Events of Interest:*

Minecraft 3D Model contest* Submit by Friday, April 15th (during Spring Break, so submit early!)

* Starred Events are not SPS nor Garfield HS events and you need to talk to your parents/guardians before registering or participating in them

Notes for this Year’s FTC Robots:

FTC League Competition (Nov 2015) this fall!  Check out the photos here.

FROM NATHAN: First, here is where a lot of the current action is happening. – that is the FTC forums with lots of info – this is the website with lots of the hardware. That page has information on the two available kits. Information about the individual parts is available on the modern robotics website.

Programmers could work on learning Java. If they figure that out, they could also work on Android Studio ( Videos, presentations and resources can be found at this cool Stanford Class’s page: CS193A . If they want to be adventurous they could learn git and bash.

Here are some links for those things if people are interested: – android – haven’t used it but it looks good for git – this is how I learned git. *Lots* of information but gives good understanding – very basic but really good and detailed bash tutorial.

Thanks,  Nathan Merrill

Garfield Dawgbots Rank 1st League Competition
Garfield Dawgbots Rank 1st!

NEWS: Garfield Dawgbots ranks 1st in League Competition

Garfield FIRST Robotics meet Mondays & Thursdays after school, in the Computer Science & Engineering rooms of 115.  

Our FIRST Robotics team has started up and we are working on this year’s robot!  We do FIRST Technology Challenge or FTC and you can check out this year’s game “Cascade Effect” linked here.   Details for this year’s local competitions can be found under FTC on the website.  More details to follow.  Our mentors this year are Mr. Bergquist & Mr. Fell.  Stop by and meet the team!!

Go Dawgbots!!!


Fall 2013 Team at Seattle League Competition

Fall 2013 Results!

Our Garfield Robotics “Dawgbotics” Team got to semifinals in the January 11th Inter-League round of the First Robotics FTC Seattle League competition; the night before we placed 5th in the 3rd Qualifier. This has been our best year ever, with both an amazing design and the team spirit Garfield is known for.  (We placed 3rd in the 2nd Qualifier, details here.)

We hope next year will be as great as this one! Come check us out in the off season on Tuesdays in the computer lab.    GO DAWGBOTS!!  

Fall 2013 Team/Club
Co-Captains: Mack Beveridge & William Ballinger
Strategist/Engineering Notebook Wrangler: Sophie
Drive Team: Rowan, Mack & William
Autonomous Programmer: Nathan
Additional Amazing Team Members: Adam, Amelia, Chloe, Daniel, Elias, Fisher, Greg, Kelley, another Rowan, & Wilder
Mascot: Hugbot!