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[7 Dec 2015 | No Comment | ]

The competition will be in a slightly different local: 1111 13th Ave., Seattle WA 98122.
The previous room was not available, and our gym was available, so we will be having the competition in the gym.  The gym is located at 1111 13th Ave., Seattle WA 98122, (on 13th between Union & Spring)
Please don’t show up prior to 8:30am.  We will have a slightly later start this time , but still plan to end again around 3pm. 
Mr. Fell’s school cell: 206-735-1265, active day of the contest.
Parking will be in the basement of the STREAM …

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[24 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]

Garfield Dawgbots ranks 2nd in League Competition
Our Garfield HS Dawgbotic team is off to a great start ranking 2nd at our first competition against 11 local teams, last Saturday (Nov 21, 2015. FIRST FTC Ritchie League). Our thick tread allowed us to climb up the “Mountain” well to score points and a late arm innovation allowed us to plop “climbers” into the side baskets during the crucial last contest.  Our next competition is Saturday, Dec 12th at Seattle Academy.  Go Dawgbots!!

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[14 Dec 2014 | No Comment | ]

Garfield Dawgbots ranks 1st in League Competition
Our Garfield HS Dawgbotic team ranked 1st at Saturday’s (Dec 13, 2014) FIRST FTC Ritchie League Robotics competition against 11 local teams.  Check out Match #2 where we scored big in Autonomous mode (first 30 seconds) as well as in the final 30 second bonus – totaling 332 points, the day’s high: (Clean Video link)

Here’s the official Match Rankings (html) we are Team 4042 6-2 win-loss, the most of any team by 2!  And here are the day’s Match Results (again we are team 4042)

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[27 May 2014 | No Comment | ]

Garfield students at CodeDay, after 24 hours of coding…

CodeDay is “a 24-hour event where students passionate about technology get together and build cool things together! You pitch ideas, form teams, and build a cool app or game over 24 hours!” And a bunch of Garfield Students attended CodeDay, hosted at Porch in Eastlake, over Memorial Day weekend from noon Saturday to noon Sunday and we had a winner, Fisher (more details later).

Rowan’s Particle Simulator: https://github.com/rowanphipps/ParticleSim

Fun photos:

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[19 Dec 2013 | No Comment | ]

 The Paul Allen Computing Challenge (PACC) is an annual challenge for high school students.  Learn real-world skills while solving real-world problems!
Poster Session Event is Saturday, June 7th 3-5pm at the Living Computer Museum, 2245 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134
Student Attendees need to bring this singed Permission Form (PDF) – please turn them into Mr. Bergquist before the event or bring them on Saturday.
Your final posters should be turned into your UW Advisor (by email) by Thursday night, June 5th, so they have  chance to review them and submit them Friday …

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[8 Dec 2013 | No Comment | ]

Our Garfield Robotics “Dawgbotics” Team took 3rd Place in the Dec 6th 2nd Qualifying round of the First Robotics FTC Seattle League competition; two weeks ago we placed 4th so we are moving up.  Our updated autonomous mode scored blocks and expert drive team (William, Mack & Rowen) coordinated some sweet moves to score us the points and wins needed to earn us 3rd place.  It was a fun night for all attending, including Mr. Fell at his first Robotics event as a Garfield Dawgbot.  The last Qualifier is Dec …

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[20 Sep 2013 | No Comment | ]

A Great opportunity for our young women students!
The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) sponsors an award for “Aspirations in Computing” each year.  Deadline for application is Sunday, November 2nd, but start early – see instructions below.
You can win $500 cash, a free laptop, and a trip. And, if you are selected, you also have a chance to win college scholarships.  Your application also enters you in the local Washington State Competition.  Over 10 Garfield students have won in the past two years, receiving a beautiful glass plaque and generous gift bag from local sponsors!
This award …

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[10 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]

Below are announcements for camps, classes and ideas to add a little computer science & engineering to your summer.  I get these notices from a variety of universities & groups each spring.  Let me know if you attend any of these and I will pass on your feedback to future students.  And Keep on Coding…
OnLine Resources:

Code.org is a great place to start – has links to a variety of ways to learn about programming and new languages.  Plus a Cool Video on the importance of programming.

Camps & Short Courses:

Free Tech & Career …

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[2 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]

Summary Report of our Progress!
As we assemble the parts and instructions to build our printer, we will assemble links to the documents, parts and other details here for easy reference.  If you have a suggested addition, email it to Mr. Bergquist
Online Instructions and Guides:

Prusa Mendel Plan details - Visual Assemble Instructions
Wade’s Extruder details - Visual Assembly Instructions
Heated Bed


J-Head Mk IV-B Hot End for 3mm filament (3mm for .5 was suggested) - from MakerFarm ( Build Instructions )
Threaded Rods & Metric Hardware – Tacoma Screw
Smooth Rods and Bearings kit – from eBay
608 Skateboard Bearing: $10 from Amazon.com
Heat Bed from …