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[12 Jun 2015 | No Comment | ]

Saturday, June 6th was the annual Paul Allen Computer Challenge (PACC), a contest where students learn about Data Science; this year focusing on improving health and sports performance by analyzing captured bio-metric data.  We had four teams participate, three complete the final project and two of those win 1st and 3rd Place in the Poster Session.  All students did well learning about the evolving important field of Data Science, which drives innovation in everything from health care to consumer experience, from disaster survival to crime investigation.
The winning teams are respectively:
FrizBros: …

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[1 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]

Microsoft Opportunities: Summer Internship & 3 Day Builder Boot Camp (juniors & seniors)
From Microsoft: We’re excited to roll out this year’s Puget Sound Microsoft High School internship program and a new 3 day event that all students who apply will be eligible for as well for juniors and seniors in HS!  Both of these opportunities will give you the chance to meet program managers, developers, and developers in test that work on everything from Xbox, to Windows 8, to Bing and Word!  You will be able to get your hands …

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[14 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]

This lab will be in place of both sets of Array problems:  Array Practice Sheet (first) and Arrays as Parameters Worksheet . We will go over the Deck of Cards shuffle in the second one – it is a good demonstration of Access by Reference.
Class Resources: Arrays as Parameters/Reference,  Arrays, Part I & Handout: Arrays.
Arrays Lab - start here (lab from UW CSE 142 Labs)
List of Problems to be Scored for credit (bolded ones listed here):
NOTE: If you press the “Show Solution” button for any Practice-It problem, you will not be able to get credit for it in “My …

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[18 Dec 2014 | No Comment | ]

Garfield Team takes 3rd Place at the Fall Programming Contest!

Garfield at 2014 Fall Programming Contest (photo by Bridget Lewis)

331 students from 27 schools across the Puget Sound participated in our biannual PSCSTA Programming Contest, held on Dec 13th at UW’s Paul Allen Center & Microsoft.  Garfield had 5 teams* programming for 3 hours, and our “Frizbros” (Frisbee Brothers) team of Adrian, Halden & Brian took 3rd place in the Novice division. This was the biggest event in PSCSTA’s history as computer science’s popularity grows. The competition was part of Computer Science Education week which included …

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ASCII art involves making images out of characters (char’s). It turns out that this is not very far from how images really are represented — they’re really just two dimensional arrays of colors. This short assignment will get you to explore how image manipulation programs work. Thanks to Baker Franke for inspiration and Ms. Martin for creating this one.
Just in case, our: 2D Arrays Lecture & its Handout: 2D Arrays
For this assignment, images are represented as a single line of integers. The first two integers give the height and width of the …

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[4 Dec 2013 | No Comment | ]

For reference here are the presentations on File input:
- File input with Scanner
- Line-based file input
- Handout: File Input with Scanners
- Starter.java - template to help solve these problems & use at the Programming Contest
To start out, in class we will solve the first problem (2.1) of the April 2009 contest which requires the data file: pr21.dat  – here is the simple solution:  Pr2D1.java   (Later, after the Line-based file input presentation, we review this more complicated Java solution Pr2dot1.java to set up a more robust input file for the programming contest.)
Then do these 6 Problems: YOU CAN DO THESE IN …

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[20 Sep 2013 | No Comment | ]

A Great opportunity for our young women students!
The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) sponsors an award for “Aspirations in Computing” each year.  Deadline for application is Sunday, November 2nd, but start early – see instructions below.
You can win $500 cash, a free laptop, and a trip. And, if you are selected, you also have a chance to win college scholarships.  Your application also enters you in the local Washington State Competition.  Over 10 Garfield students have won in the past two years, receiving a beautiful glass plaque and generous gift bag from local sponsors!
This award …

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[12 May 2013 | No Comment | ]

Your UW in HS final grade will be based on the following percentages:

35% – Semester 1 percent grade
35% – Semester 2 percent grade to 15 week grade
30% – UW in HS Final Exam – 100 minute exam (updated 2018)

UW in HS exam may include: Expressions, Array Mystery, Input Mystery, Inheritance/Polymorphism Mystery, Line-based and/or Token-based File Processing (Scanners), Array Programming, ArrayList Programming, Classes (creating a method within a class).  No Notes or Book - only our two Syntax sheets: Java Syntax Sheet V5 · Object Concepts
General Grading Guidelines for AP UW in HS, based on overall class percentage:

90%: at least 3.5
85%: at least 3.0
80%: …

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[21 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]

Here’s the schedule for getting us through the AP Exam and subsequent UW in HS exams.  Please let me know in advance if you will be out for any of our Exam dates.
Mon & Tue, April 20th & 21st:  Self Review of Recursion Mysteries & Sorting Algorithms & O-Complexity.
- Sorts: like BinarySearch & Sort visualizations (Video:binary search)
- Video: Complexity  (“CheatSheet” PDF)
Thu April 24th – Polymorphism (& its Mysteries)
- Handout: Polymorphism & its Mysteries
- Super & Polymorphism Summary! (includes Abstract Class & Methods!)
Our Final Schedule:
Tues, April 28th - Free Response Portion of the Final Mock AP Exam (50 min + Take Home problem due Fri, …

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[28 Oct 2012 | No Comment | ]

For your reference:
Returns & Conditionals (if/else) Presentation / Handout
Advanced If Returns & Cumulative Sum Presentation / Handout
Start with some great Practice It! exercises…
Self-Check 3.12: min : Write a Method that takes three integers as parameters and returns the smallest of the three values (you might be able to use if/else’s for this)
Self-Check 3.17: countQuarters : Add a Return to the Count Quarters method you wrote earlier
if/else Conditionals:
Exercise 4.12: printTriangleType : Print the type of a Triangle based on the lengths of its three sides
Exercise 4.3: season : Returns the season …