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PDF Version Linke Here
[Worth 10 Classwork Points, due at the end of the period; if you need more time just ask Mr. Bergquist]
Use complete sentences to answer each of these questions.  Full score requires use of complete sentences.  Please do your best to express yourself and write clearly.  Thanks. 
1) 3 Cool Scratch Features:
What do you think are the 3 coolest features or functions in Scratch that you have learned to use – for example, using the “wait _ sec” function to slow down your program (but that is not really …

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Events at Seattle Center: Sat, June 8th (& 9th) 10am – 6pm:

Science Expo Day Sat 8th only – Free!  Science EXPO Day is a festive, one-day event featuring over 150 booths, activities, demonstrations, and performances that celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and show how integral they are to the region’s culture and prosperity.
Seattle Mini Makers Faire! Sat & Sun 8th & 9th (poster) cost: 15 and younger free, $8 for students ($10 day of) – See Mr. Bergquist for 25% off Discount code.  Come to the Seattle Mini Maker Faire, and you …

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Free Career Summer School Classes!
For student attending a Seattle High School next school year – “rising” 9-12th, offered through our SPS Skills Centers. You can earn .5 credit!  Full day classes from June 17 through July 8th or 12th.

Skills Center Summer Program Classes 2013
- INTRO to Digital Animation & Game Design/Cyber Camp @  Academy of Interactive Entertainment - Seattle Center
Introduction to Video Game Development and Game Art. Students interested in Video Game Design, Programming, or Game Art will learn skills and about the video game industry as a career.  (Video)
- INTRO to Aerospace Science …

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Two of our five teams placed 1st and 2nd in the Puget Sound CSTA Programming Contest this past Saturday (April 27th) held at Amazon.com.  William Ballinger assisted by a friend from Nova High School took 2nd Place* in Advanced and Rebecca Wong, Ryan Miller & Franklin Sussman won 1st place in Novice competition.  Please congratulate them when you see them next – they did an outstanding job as did all our Garfield programmers.
There were a total of 43 teams and 100 students at the competition. (All Contest results here).  PSCSTA …

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Build Your Own Block (BYOB) is a newer version of Scratch that will allow us to build our own blocks to create functions of our own!  Unfortunately we have had difficulty getting a student working version on our lab computers, but have found a way to install it in your Student Drive (H:) and run it from there.  Here are the basic instructions, we will go over these in class with you and provide help and soon we will be unlocking the creation of our own blocks in Scratch, a …

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Below are announcements for camps, classes and ideas to add a little computer science & engineering to your summer.  I get these notices from a variety of universities & groups each spring.  Let me know if you attend any of these and I will pass on your feedback to future students.  And Keep on Coding…
OnLine Resources:

Code.org is a great place to start – has links to a variety of ways to learn about programming and new languages.  Plus a Cool Video on the importance of programming.

Camps & Short Courses:

Free Tech & Career …

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Scratch Lists, Loops, User Input & Strings Project – 20 Project Points!
Goal: Integrate the programming concepts of User Input, Loops controlled by variables, Lists to store data, and assembling Strings to create an interesting tool or game in Scratch.
Resources to help you from our class:

Loops: Spirgraph , Stamping a box, Building a Tree Worksheets & Controlling a “repeat until” Loop Presentation
Strings & User Input: Scratch Dialog Sheet
Lists: The LIST Wiki help page, List Fortuneteller assignment and Importing Lists

You will be designing these on your own, they are YOUR project.  Let me know what ideas you have to make sure …

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Your goal here is to make a creative conversation between two Scratch Sprites and include at least one user input (a word or phrase that the user provides) into the conversation.  To assist you, here are the the Scratch Commands and instructions for a simple conversation and there is demonstration program linked here: The Conversation
Your Conversation must include:

2 Sprites
at least 7 lines of dialog between them
During the conversation, you must prompt the user for at least one word or phrase and then insert it into the conversation.  To do this …

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“Building a Tree Worksheet” Scoring Criteria. Due date Monday, April 18th, 2016
For full points (15), your Scratch program must:

0) Be tested and working correctly. Please don’t show it to us for sign off till you have it perfect.  Feel free to ask for help.
1) Draw the upper Tree by repeated stamping a sprite (any good sprite is fine).
2) Have the tree grow correctly when the size variable (Total Rows) is changed.
3) Have the size variable’s slider set to an appropriate Minimum and Maximum value, such that all values display well …

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The University of Washington is offering several STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math)-focused summer enrichment opportunities this summer.  The links below provide the full details.  Note that there are two classes targeting high school girls.  For class details follow the links below to their website: http://www.summer-camp.uw.edu/ .  Registration is open now!
Computer Programming in Java I (Sessions 1 & 2) — June 17-28 AND July 1-12, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Computer Programming in Java II — July 15-26, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Girls, Computing, and Collaboration — July 29-Aug 5, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. *
Introduction to Engineering Design and Process …