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[13 Jan 2014 | No Comment | ]

Details on Procedures:

App Inventor Procedures – two different kinds!
App Inventor Chapter on Procedures (Version 1) slight difference, please read.

Goal: using the Tutorials below to build some procedures to:
Here are two versions of the online instructions to follow:
- Instructions from MIT Site
- Instructions from AppInventor.org site (this one included tracking your misses)
New Concepts to learn and master:

Timers and the Clock component
Procedures (see above) try to add some more, maybe one that returns a value.
Picking Random numbers

Once you get the game working, Explore some variations. Here are some ideas for additions to …

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 The Paul Allen Computing Challenge (PACC) is an annual challenge for high school students.  Learn real-world skills while solving real-world problems!
Poster Session Event is Saturday, June 7th 3-5pm at the Living Computer Museum, 2245 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134
Student Attendees need to bring this singed Permission Form (PDF) – please turn them into Mr. Bergquist before the event or bring them on Saturday.
Your final posters should be turned into your UW Advisor (by email) by Thursday night, June 5th, so they have  chance to review them and submit them Friday …

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[15 Dec 2013 | No Comment | ]

Garfield’s “Dawgbotics Software” Team takes 2nd Place at the Fall PSCSTA Programming Contest at UW!
246 students in 91 teams representing 24 schools competed in the semi-annual fall PSCSTA Programming Contest, held on Dec 14th at UW’s Paul Allen Center.  Garfield had 7 teams programming for 3 hours, and our Dawgbotics Software team of William, Rowan & Mack took 2nd place in the Advanced division.  This was the biggest event in PSCSTA’s history as computer science’s popularity grows. The competition was part of Computer Science Education week which included the International Hour …

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Goal: Complete one of the Hour of Code Activities!  (For our Intro to CS Classes)

Pick one from the suggestions below and get started.
Show Mr. Bergquist or Mr. Lambert which you have picked
When you are done, show it to us for sign off.
Have fun learning other ways to write programs!!

Learn Python: (Recommended)
Grok Learning: Guided instructions
OR If you have an Android Phone device, you can try App Inventor!
Our Tablets should arrive next week and we all will be getting to try these together:
Alternative - Learn JavaScript:
- Codecademy: with Step by Step text instructions
- Khan …

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[4 Dec 2013 | No Comment | ]

Friday, December 13th, Noon – 1:30pm (Lunch and 5th Period)
Want to hear from Women working at Amazon.com,
the Institute for Systems Biology and Google?
Join us for a fun luncheon with four women working in bio-engineering research, software development and design.  Hear about their experience in these exciting fields.
Free Pizza provided by Amazon.com
Where: Our Computer Science room 115a
Details To Attend:  You need to fill out the “WIT Luncheon Permission to Participate Form” – copies available in 115a or online linked here .  And get Permission from your 5th Period teacher to be excused …

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Garfield’s Computer Science Education Week+ Activities, December 2013
Note: All events, unless otherwise indicated are in room 115a, our Garfield Computer Science Classroom.  See www.garfieldcs.com for more details or stop by 115a and talk to Mr. Bergquist.
Anytime – Try an Hour of Code “Don’t just play on your phone, program it.” - President Obama
Friday, Dec 6th: First Robotics FTC Qualifier Competition 4 – 8:15pm at Raisbeck School of Aviation, next to the Museum of Flight.  We took 3rd place, check out the details here.
Saturday Dec 7th: UW Computer Science Open House 1 – 5pm …

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Make a Pong Game Project in Scratch that demonstrates your use of loops, variables, messages, and other programming concepts.  This will be our first Project worth 10 project points. Place a copy of your final Project in our shared class folder:
My Computer > S: > embergquist > Writeable > IntroCS > Class Period 1 or 3 >
With your name in the program’s title.
Last day to turn in: Monday, March 14th, 2016 (UPDATED for 2016 Spring class)
Have Fun and be creative!
Scratch Pong Project evaluation criteria:  (Total: 10 Project Points)
Design, Creativity & Effort:  (5 …

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A Great opportunity for our young women students!
The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) sponsors an award for “Aspirations in Computing” each year.  Deadline for application is Sunday, November 2nd, but start early – see instructions below.
You can win $500 cash, a free laptop, and a trip. And, if you are selected, you also have a chance to win college scholarships.  Your application also enters you in the local Washington State Competition.  Over 10 Garfield students have won in the past two years, receiving a beautiful glass plaque and generous gift bag from local sponsors!
This award …

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[9 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]

Scratch Lists, Loops, User Input & Strings Project – 20 Project Points!
Goal: Integrate the programming concepts of User Input, Loops controlled by variables, Lists to store data, and assembling Strings to create an interesting tool or game in Scratch.
Resources to help you from our class:

Loops: Spirgraph , Stamping a box, Building a Tree Worksheets & Controlling a “repeat until” Loop Presentation
Strings & User Input: Scratch Dialog Sheet
Lists: The LIST Wiki help page, List Fortuneteller assignment and Importing Lists

You will be designing these on your own, they are YOUR project.  Let me know what ideas you have to make sure …

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[25 Mar 2012 | No Comment | ]

Popular Computer Technology Paper (15 Project Points)  (PDF version, with sample template)
PRESENTATIONS Week of May 9th. Be Ready!! [Due date soon]
Browse through the stack of Popular Science, Popular Mechanics and Wired Magazines in our classroom and find an article that is of interest to you that involves computer science in some way.   Make sure that the article is at least a couple pages or has additional online information to complete your paper.  You can also research if there are any updates online regarding the subject.  Then write a short paper …