BLip Game in MIT Scratch!

Blip In MIT Scratch, Instructions further down the page.
If you want to modify it here’s the link:¬†



The 1977 pong-like mechanical game, that you had to wind the Timer to play. The only thing electronic was the red LED dot that goes back & forth.
You can start by pressing the Green Flag (top left) and can choose 1 or 2 player with a tap of that switch. To start the game, press either of the red SERVE sliders, the s key or space bar; you will have to do this to restart the action after a point is scored.
Once in motion, to control the right side, simply press the 1, 2, or 3 buttons on the right screen OR their key value (1, 2 or 3) – this is the side you will play against BLip in 1 Player mode (Blip will fail about 33% time, number in upper left corner).
For 2 Player action, the Left player will use the q, a, & z keys corresponding to the left buttons 1, 2, & 3.
If you run out of time, either tap the timer dial or press the t key to add 5 more seconds (max of 60) or press the m key to update to the 60 seconds max.
The h key will bring up the original back instructions for the game, but won’t stop the game. Another tap of the h key will hide them again. And toggling the x key will let you play X-Ray Retro Mode – inside the game (sort of), well at least see what the original mechanical innards looks like.
Once there is a winner, you can press the on / off labels to clear the scores and enable another game.
Hope you enjoy this retro game.

When I was in high school, BLip was a state of the art “Digital Electronic” game! This project was inspired by a friend who had his original BLip game in his childhood toy collection – he challenged me to a recent rematch, but with sheltering at home, I decided to build this online version.
I had this game back in the late 70′s when I was in high school, but I think I ended up taking mine apart to see how it worked.

You can find out more about the original 1977 BLip game here:

[Original frame size: w 485, h 402]