Award Winning Garfield Apps Teams!

This Spring our Apps Club and Classroom teams entered the Youth Apps Challenge and Congressional House App Challenge.  The results are in and our Garfield teams have done extremely well.  Congratulations to all our winners.  Go Bulldog App designers and programers!

Youth Apps ChallengeWestern Division Winners:

75 high school & middle school teams from across Washington State competed with 10 overall winners selected for the Western Division – 5 Garfield Teams won Awards, each team member receiving a Nexus 7 Tablet and T-Shirt at the Awards Dinner, June 5th at UW.  Sponsored by the Technology Alliance.

The House Apps Challenge:

The House Apps Challenges was sponsored by US Congressional Representatives.  Each Congressman’s  top winner’s App will be on display at the White House and the team will meet with the Representative.  Garfield teams won two districts’ top awards as well as a 3rd place:

Representative Adam Smith’s (District 9) House Apps Challenge:

  • 1st Place – Donator Team: Faisal Fogle, Helen Ippolito, Judy Lin, Michael Gofman, & William Ceriale
  • 3rd Place – Currency X Change: Vivian Lappenbusch & Noah Zimberoff

Representative Jim McDermott’s (District 7) House Apps Challenge:

Here are photos of most of our teams. More photos from the Awards dinners and meetings with the Representatives will be posted later.

FTC Scout Party Team

Donator Team

SPS Voting Web App Team

Lethal Metal Omega - Reloaded Team

Currency X Change Team


Up To Date App Team

Flying App Team

Urban Forager Designer