Apps for Good Modules

For those of us who have gone through our Apps for Good Journey in class, this is a summary of the Modules, presentations and exercises we have accomplished to arrive at our Minimum Viable Product.  Your team must create a summary “Team Diary” entry for each of these Modules to be entered into the AfG site.  Please review the material below and prepare these entries for the first three Modules – we are currently in the 4th Module: Product Development.

Module 1: Crash course in app development
Our introduction to how the experts do it: overview of the entire process, the kinds of app development (Native Device, Web, Hybrid, & Social Apps), basic programming and what a good (and bad) app idea looks like.  Basically the introduction to App Design.

  • AfG Introduction and Idea Generation  (Presentation)
  • Warm Up: World’s Best Problem Solving Activity (Instructions)
  • Basic Programming – accomplished in Intro to CS (Scratch) and AP CS (Java), App Inventor for our Club.

Module 2: Idea Generation and Screening
Using several tried and tested techniques, students will generate and prioritize a pipeline of ideas to take on to the next stage.

  • Organizing Ideas: Dot Voting, 5 W’s & Headline, Vex Factor, Acting out a Problem & Mini Elevator Pitches (Worksheet).
  • Screening & Selecting: Evaluation Questions, What would your granny do?, Basic Research: Looking at current solutions, and Summarizing for next steps (Worksheet )

Module 3: Scoping
The most iterative part of the course, students select several ideas to research regarding market and technical feasibility. Here students will modify or drop their ideas based on their findings and select one or more ideas to take forward.  (Scoping Presentation )

Module 4: Product development
Students will build and test a basic prototype of their app as well as select an appropriate business model.  Including:

  • Building your Prototype or App (Device, Web and/or Social Apps)
  • Share with Users to gain feedback and adjust your app
  • Develop your Business Case (presented soon)
  • Marketing (presented soon)

Module 5: Pitch and competition
Pulling together their idea, market research, prototype and business model, students will create a pitch to enter the national competition.  General Entry Criteria and Judging Criteria and Technical Entry Entry Criteria and Judging Criteria.

  • Elevator Pitch Video
  • Project PowerPoint Presentation
  • App Prototype