Apps Club

Like to use & play Apps?  Learn to design & build one!!

Apps Club was held in prior years, we no longer have this program, but feel free to review our resources here!  

Youth Apps Challenge

Here is what we did a few years ago…

What: Spring Semester 2014, Garfield is starting an Apps Club for students to discuss, design, and build Apps of all sorts.  Apps have grown in popularity and are a great way for students to express their ideas and interests for creative expression and insightful ways to solve problems of our community.  We will meet Tuesday and Thursdays after school in 115a, the computer science classroom and lab, to exchange ideas, learn the Apps design process, master with App Inventor builder and form teams to create Apps of students choosing.  So stop by and join us, everyone is welcome.

Big thank you to our club sponsor, the Technology Alliance  who brought us the Apps for Good project process, resources to get a bunch of Android tablets, and will be hosting a new App Challenge at the end of the school year with tons of fun prizes and opportunities to show off all that we create.

NOTE: Apps for Good Teams, please fill out their Survey by Friday 30th, and they moved out the notification date to the 30th, so we will be hearing by email on the 30th.

Help us design our Garfield Apps Club Logo!  Got any ideas?  Stop by Tuesday or Thursday and make your suggestions.

Spring 2014 Competitions: There are several Apps building competitions this spring and the Apps we design and build could win you honors and prizes.

  • Youth App Challenge - Washington State competition from the Technology Alliance’s (Entry deadline was Friday, May 16, 2014 at 9:00 pm PDT)General competition just requires a PowerPoint Presentation, Wire-Frames of Design and Elevator Pitch Video.  Technical Category for functional Apps additionally requires the App & its Source code.  Great Prizes: Tablets, T-Shirts and cool technology company visits.
  • The House STEM App Challenge - Garfield took 1st & 3rd!  Compete for a US Congressional honors (Deadline Wednesday, 30th April 8:58pm Pacific time) - Deadline Past
  • Apps for Good - UK competition where winner’s App ideas are built by professionals (Deadline now moved out to Monday 5th May) requires participation in our AfG class exercises, see Mr. Bergquist for full details. (full details linked here- Deadline Past