APCS Lab Review

APCS Review Lab problems:

The following Labs and subsequent Practice-It problems are available here for you to use as focused reviews on the various concepts we have covered so far.  Be aware that the Labs contain references & links to the UW 142 class material that likely will not function properly; where available, I have given you the updated links to the corresponding Practice-It problems below each lab, as well as the additional one’s that Practice it has in its Lab section.  To Review in class, I will ask if anyone has specific questions from this review material and go over them on the projector with those interested. For a self-guided review or reference, use our Java Mid-Term Review Slide Summary.

Lab 1: Java Basics : Basics of JGrasp, println, Indentation & braces, Escape Sequences (i.e. \n)

Lab 2: Expressions and Loops : Evaluating Expressions, variables declaration & assignment, basic for loops

Lab 3: Parameters and Graphics : Parameter Mystery, creating methods, generating graphics, parameters in graphics methods

Lab 4: if/else, Scanner, return : Math Expressions, if/else Mystery, Console input Scanner, Cumulative Sum

Lab 5: while loops, Strings: String Expressions, while Loop Mystery, Fence Post loops

Lab 6: Files : Reading Files, Scanning Tokens, Methods using Scanners

Lab 7: Arrays : Array Mysteries, Arrays as Parameters & Return values, more array methods

Lab 5.5: Random numbers, boolean - only some Boolean logic on MC 1st Semester Final.


Next Semester: – Ignore these for now, we will be covering early Next Semester

Lab 8: Classes and Objects

Lab 9: Inheritance