2010 AP CS

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This is an archive of Ms Martin’s 2010-11 AP CS Class work.  You can find the latest class by the AP CS tab at the top.  Website links and assignments may vary so some material may be out of date. 

DateWork DueClass Activities
Friday 6/10Link Survey
Wednesday 6/8Seniors turn in projects
Wednesday 6/1Google field trip 9:30-1:30
Tuesday 5/31Link Questions for Googlers
Wednesday 5/25
Thursday 5/26
Link Project update
Tuesday 5/10Project pitch (by end of day) in S:\hmmartin\Writeable\APCS(++) pitches or e-mailedFinal projects

Link Storing code online
Monday 5/9Applets
Java File HelloWorld.java

Final projects
Friday 5/61st period: Peter Wilson
6th period: Nick Barber
Wednesday 5/4
Thursday 5/5
Tuesday 5/3Rocking of the AP exam
Monday 5/2Review & synthesize!
Thursday 4/28
Friday 4/29
Written test
Tuesday 4/26
Wednesday 4/27
Review & synthesize!
Monday 4/25Review & synthesize!
4/18-4/22RelaxSpring Break
Friday 4/15Review & synthesize!

Link MC quiz solutions
Link Shirts!
Wednesday 4/13
Thursday 4/14
MC quiz
Tuesday 4/12Review & synthesize!

Link Break review survey
Monday 4/11Review & synthesize!
Link MC practice solutions

Link Random sentence generator
Link Swing
Friday 4/8Java File MergeSort.java
Wednesday 4/6
Thursday 4/7
Link Complexity
Link BinarySearch
Link Sort visualizations

Link Review survey
Tuesday 4/5Link key (for last week's MC)
Monday 4/4Complete Critter work
Friday 4/1MC half test (enter here)

Critter progress checked off
Continue Critter work
Wednesday 3/30
Thursday 3/31
Questions 1, 2, 3 OR KingCrab OR Ant Farm

PDF File opossumCritter
PDF File stockpileCritter
Tuesday 3/29Mini-quiz on Critter

PDF File Polymorphism, super

Questions 1, 2, 3 OR KingCrab OR Ant Farm
Monday 3/28PDF File Read Gridworld, part 4

MC half test
Friday 3/25PDF File Gridworld, part 4
Questions 1, 2, 3 OR KingCrab
Link Critter notes
Wednesday 3/23
Thursday 3/24
PDF File 2010 Gridworld FRQ
PDF File Criteria and solution

PDF File Gridworld, part 4
Tuesday 3/22Link Fifteen puzzle
Monday 3/21Link Fifteen puzzle
Wednesday 3/16
Thursday 3/17
Link Fifteen puzzle
Monday 3/14Get Jumper checked off
Turn in Snake

Last day to check off first set of bugs or prior work

Turn in multiple choice practice
Last quiz question

Finish Jumper and Snake
Friday 3/11Link Study for quizQuiz on ArrayLists, classes, interfaces, GridWorld
Wednesday 3/9
Thursday 3/10
5-week grades in WednesdayMs. Martin at SIGCSE

Link Jumper
Link Snake
Tuesday 3/8PDF File GridWorld, part 3
Link Jumper
Link Snake
Monday 3/7PDF File GridWorld, part 3
Link Jumper
Link Snake
Thursday 3/3
Friday 3/4
get SpiralBug, ZBug and DancingBug checked offPDF File Do SpiralBug, ZBug and DancingBug in second part of case study.

PDF File GridWorld, part 3
Link Jumper
Link Snake
Wednesday 3/2Ms. Martin at NCCE Conference

PDF File Do SpiralBug, ZBug and DancingBug in second part of case study. Can use a single runner to test.
Tuesday 3/1Ms. Martin at NCCE Conference

Link Setting up GridWorld
PDF File Read first part of case study
PDF File Do SpiralBug, ZBug and DancingBug in second part of case study. Can use a single runner to test.
Monday 2/28PDF File Inheritance, Gridworld
Friday 2/18ShoppingCart -- turn it inLink Playing Cards
Wednesday 2/16
Thursday 2/17
PDF File interfaces
Link Weight class

Java File Shape.java
Java File Circle.java
Java File Rectangle.java
Java File ShapeTest.java
Java File Student.java
Java File StudentClient.java
Tuesday 2/15PDF File OO design, Shopping cart review
Monday 2/14Link Assignment: ShoppingCart

Done? Random sentence generator
Friday 2/11Link Assignment: ShoppingCart

Done? Random sentence generator
Wednesday 2/9
Thursday 2/10
Link ArrayList practice
Link Assignment: ShoppingCart
Tuesday 2/8PDF File ArrayLists
Link ArrayList practice
Monday 2/7Get encapsulated Point and Car checked offFinish Point and Car

Done? Interview-style brainteasers
Thursday 2/3
Friday 2/4
PDF File Encapsulation
PDF File Exceptions

Encapsulate Point
Link Objects Practice
Wednesday 2/2Look over semester exam
Finish Point
Tuesday 2/1Link Implement Point
Monday 1/31PDF File Objects!
PDF File Constructors
Wednesday 1/26Link Practice-It!Rock the semester exam
Tuesday 1/25Link Practice-It!PDF File Practice for semester exam
Self-paced review
Monday 1/24Link Practice-It!Link Boolean review

Practice semester exam
Java File SemesterPractice.java
Friday 1/21Link Practice-It!Link ASCII image processing

Link Simple Tic-Tac-Toe
Link Magic Squares

Link Computer Science Jokes
Wednesday 1/19
Thursday 1/19
PDF File Assertions

PDF File 2D Arrays
Link ASCII image processing
Tuesday 1/18DNA - Turn it in

Study for quiz
Quiz (mostly on Strings, file reading, arrays)
Friday 1/14
Wednesday 1/12
Thursday 1/13
Link DNA project

Hurray, arrays!
Tuesday 1/11Link DNA project
Monday 1/10Link DNA project
Friday 1/7PDF File Arrays for tallying
Java File DieRolls.java

Link Writing to files
Link Start DNA project
Wednesday 1/5
Thursday 1/6
PDF File Reference semantics
Link Finish array practice

Link Hurray, arrays!
Link Extra practice
Tuesday 1/4Finish team warm-up
Link Array Practice
Monday 1/3Applications of CS paperWelcome back!
Friday 12/17Baby Names due (11:30pm) - Turn it inHave a GREAT break!!!
Wednesday 12/15
Thursday 12/16
PDF File Arrays
Java File ArrayExamples.java

Link Array Practice
Tuesday 12/14Work on Baby Names
Monday 12/13Work on Baby Names
Friday 12/10Work on Baby Names

Java File IMDB.java
Text File imbd.txt
Wednesday 12/8
Thursday 12/9
Get 6 practice problems checked offPDF File Start Assignment 6: Baby Names
Text File names.txt
Text File names2.txt
Text File meanings.txt
Java File DrawingPanel.java
Tuesday 12/7Link Contest practice
Monday 12/6Link Contest practice

Link See name generator output
Friday 12/3Link Contest practice
Thursday 12/2Assignment 5: Name Generator due! Turn it in (by 11:30pm)Link Contest practice
Wednesday 12/1PDF File Line-based file input

Link Check out sweet poems
Link Contest practice
Tuesday 11/30PDF File File input with Scanner
Monday 11/29Quiz through Strings
Wednesday 11/24Last day to work on Name Generator
Monday 11/22Link (optional) Study for quizRecursion preview (Koch snowflake)
Friday 11/19Work on assignment 5: Name Generator
Wednesday 11/17
Thursday 11/18
Get Strings practice checked offPDF File While loops
Java File FencepostExamples.java
Java File SentinelExample.java

Link Start assignment 5: Name Generator
Tuesday 11/16Link Strings practice
Monday 11/15Link Strings practice
Wednesday 11/10
Friday 11/12
PDF File Strings
Java File BabyNamer.java

Link Strings practice
Tuesday 11/09Assignment 4: Birthday due! Turn it inLink Done? Standard GUI programming
Monday 11/08Link Pre-turnin checklist
Friday 11/05Ms. Martin out >(
Link Assignment 4

Done? Play Manufactoria
Wednesday 11/03
Thursday 11/04
Ms. Martin out Thurs >(
Begin assignment 4: birthday
Tuesday 11/02PDF File Cumulative sums
Java File CondReturns.java
Monday 11/01Get conditionals/return practice checked offLink Continue Conditionals and return practice
Friday 10/29Quiz on all through DrawingPanel and Math (no Scanner)
Link Continue Conditionals and return practice
Tuesday 10/26PDF File Conditionals, return

Java File BMI.java
Monday 10/25Link Continue Math and Scanner practice
Friday 10/22Assignment 3: Café Wall due! - turn it inGuest speaker: Nate Moch, Zillow.com
Wednesday 10/20
Thursday 10/21
PDF File Math and Scanner classes
Java File MathScannerExamples.java

Link Math and Scanner practice
Tuesday 10/19Work on Café Wall
Monday 10/18Work on Café Wall
Thursday 10/14
Friday 10/15
PDF File Graphics, part 2

Link Start Café Wall
Wednesday 10/13Work on graphics practice
Tuesday 10/12Link Graphics practice
Monday 10/11Get parameters practice checked offJava File ParameterPractice.java

PDF File Graphics
Java File DrawingPanel.java
Java File GraphicsPractice.java
Thursday 10/7Work on parameters practice
Wednesday 10/6
(long 1st period)
Short nested loops quiz
Parameter mystery worksheet
Link Work on Parameters Practice
Link Done? Read Why Johnny Can't Program
Tuesday 10/5
(long 6th)
Assignment 2 due! - turn it inShort nested loops quiz
Parameter mystery worksheet
Link Work on Parameters Practice
Link Done? Read Why Johnny Can't Program
Monday 10/4 Scope, parameters
Java File ScopeTest.java
Thurs 9/30
Fri 10/01
Link Work on Assignment 2: Space Needle

Done? Read Holding a Program in One's Head, play Light Bot, continue Picobot
Weds 9/29
(short periods)
Tuesday 9/28Get nested loops practice checked offLink Start Assignment 2: Space Needle
Monday 9/27Link Read song lyrics!

Complex Figures
Java File ComplexFigures.java
Java File Mirror.java

Link Work on complex figures
Friday 9/24Study for quiz!Quiz

Class constants
Weds 9/22
Thurs 9/23

Link Complete variables and loops

Done? Picobot
Tuesday 9/21Assignment 1 due! Turn it inGo over homework 1
Monday 9/20Worksheet: printlns, expressions, for loops Nested loops
Java File NestedLoops.java

Link Work on variables and loops
Fri 9/17 For loops
Java File Receipt.java
Java File Receipt2.java
Java File LoopTest.java
Wednesday 9/15
Thursday 9/16
Shapes program (checked off)Complete Shapes, get checked off
Assignment logistics, coding conventions
Link Survey
Link Coding Conventions
Link Start Assignment 1: Song
Tuesday 9/14 Expressions, variables
Monday 9/13 Flow control
Java File FlowControl.java
PDF File Shapes program
Friday 9/10 Comments, simple statements
Java File BakeCookies.java
Java File BakeCookies2.java
Thursday 9/9 Programming, Java
Java File Hello.java
Wednesday 9/8Link Syllabus
Welcome slides