AP CS Poems, Fall 2017!

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AP CS Poems, Fall 2017!

Period 2

Coding can be hard
So make that int a double
To avoid Trouble
Go to G-H-S
We are better than the rest
Code to relieve stress

Programing is like a cool breeze
It blows in your face
Until your brain freezes

Java C++
Languages of the future
Everyone should learn

You could code a game
You could even save the world
It’s all up to you

When writing short code
It’s best not to think about
How to finish it

Period 4 

Coding is the best
It is a combination
Of cool math and art
I think something’s wrong
But I didn’t make mistakes
Broken computer
Oh wait, never mind
I made a silly error
My bad, I was wrong

Writing these three lines
Is far more difficult than
Writing a program

Why would you throw balls
File not found exceptions
Are more fun to throw

Computer science
Can be really fun and hard
An art I can do

I talked with Yoda:
“challenging, programming is.”
“not my favorite”

Programming is fun
It is also very hard
I recommend it

Computer science,
It is very fun to code!
Everyone should try.

Programming is the bestest thing
I always come in and have a fling
Learning with my friends – oh yay!
I can always count on it to make my day!
Computers I love them so much
When I see a keyboard I have to touch
So programming is so mighty fine
Not learning to program would be a crime!
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