Seattle Promise – Free Tuition program at Seattle Central College

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Seattle Promise (formerly 13th Year) – Free Tuition program at Seattle Central College

13th Year Free Tuition program at Seattle Central College.  All 2019 Garfield Graduates (make sure to sign up if you are planning to graduate this year) are eligible for one year of classes (Fall, Winter & Spring quarters) at Seattle Central College. But to qualify, you must fully register by the deadline is extended to Friday, February 22nd, 2019.  Help is available in the College & Career center after school, and there will be a workshop on Jan 22nd.

INSTRUCTIONS: To be eligible you will need to complete steps 1 & 2 extended to Friday, February 22:
1. To start on the Application, you must sign up (linked here) for Seattle Central General Scholarship Account.  If you are already enrolled (i.e. in Running Start at Seattle Central), you just need to sign in.  The key is that you need to have an account set up and your Seattle College “SID” to use.

2. Seattle Promise Scholarship General Application: Once you are signed in with your Seattle College account with SID, go to the following application page, and complete all the steps (there is a sign in at the bottom of the page if you are not logged in yet): (this link is for Garfield HS, there SPS High Schools are available as well at: ) make sure to indicate that you attend Garfield High School and your graduation year.

3. File for Finacial Aide no later than March 15th: After completing this application please complete the Seattle Promise Scholarship application, you must have submitted and completed your FAFSA or WASFA forms no later than March 15th to complete your Financial Aid file.

4. Set up your account to Apply to Seattle Central College for classes (application appears to be for all Seattle Colleges)

5. Support Events: You will be invited by email to attend a few mandatory events to provide support preparing for the college including:
- Readiness Academy, in Spring 2019
- Summer Bridge Program in Late Summer
- Enroll full time (min 12 quarters) for Fall Quarter

NOTE: you can back out this program anytime before the start of Fall Quarter, so it is advised to sign up and keep up with the program until you are fully accepted and have all finances arranged for another college.  This is a great back up, just in case something changes in your pursuit of another college.

QUESTIONS about the program? you can check in with the College & Career center, they are having a couple afterschool help sessions before the deadline.  And you can also contact the 13th Year coordinator Lee Westrick, Student Success Specialist for Garfield High School at: 206.934.3847 or by email: .

BTW, there is a very helpful “College to Career” interactive page to see what programs are available through Seattle Colleges based on our career interests:

NOTE: That the 13th Year program is only for Seattle Central for Garfield Graduates, but many of the class credits could transfer to other Seattle Colleges if you are interested in another school’s programs.  Best of luck!

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