Slick 2D Graphics Library

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2D Java Game Library

“Slick2D is an easy to use set of tools and utilites wrapped around LWJGL OpenGL bindings to make 2D Java game development easier.” - Slick2D Website  (Wiki pages) uses Light Weight Java Game Library – WJGL site .

Intro Presentation (PDF) by Dylan Swiggett

Copy of the source files can be found within Garfield network at:
(It is best to use MS Explorer to access these folders)

Setting up Slick2D in jGRASP
● You’ll need to have the Slick2D project downloaded and unzipped from http:
(or the class website)
● Open jGRASP and open the menu
Settings -> PATH / CLASSPATH -> Workspace
● Under the PATHS tab, click New and add the slick folder.
● Under the CLASSPATHS tab, add the following files from slick/lib:
slick.jar, jinput.jar, lwjgl_util.jar, lwjgl.jar

Setting up Slick2D in Eclipse
● See the instructions at

○ Look at the section titled Setting Up Slick2D and LWJGL in Eclipse
● jGRASP works fine, but I recommend learning Eclipse.

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