Fall 2015 AP CS Poems!

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Programming Poems from AP CS, Dec 2015  Quiz!
Most are Haiku’s!

Programming is fun
But sometimes it can be hard
Mostly I like it

Help me Mr. Berg
Tell me what a while loop does
Oops, that’s infinite

Oh, the projects we do are frightful
But Gabe and Mr. B are so delightful
And since our programs won’t go
Let us code, let us code, let us code

Public Class Haiku
System dot out dot print ln()
Sixty two errors

CS is so cool
Squids are the best animal
So hyped for Star Wars

I can write java
Sometimes it is confusing

I love programming
Programming is so much fun
Let’s all make programs

Programming is cool
Programming is a lifestyle
Programming is all

I lost my folder
It has big project inside
Tonight I don’t sleep

Pete’s code is awesome
It is elegant, simple
And super easy

Five syllables here
Seven more syllables here
Are you happy now?

I try to debug
There were thirty little bugs
And not there’re fifty

System out println
A sloppy typist’s best friend
Why won’t it compile?

I look at the clock
It is two in the morning
I can’t stop coding

Programming is fun
It will bring a bright future
Praise the code masters!

Poetry is dumb
But it is easier than java
Counting syllables is hard
I should write a program that
Counts syllables
I clearly can’t write haikus
Or code

Code is like pizza
Pizza will always be good
Pizza and code good

Programming is hard
Not like, really, super hard
But it’s not easy

Coding hurts my head
Coding sometimes helps my head
Coding is coding

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