Code Now: March 5th, 6th & 19th

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High school students who want to learn to code with CodeNow* to apply today! (Extended Application deadline: February 24)

CodeNow’s workshops serve as an entry point for students to become exposed to computer science. During the workshop, students will learn to create interactive games and applications in the programming language Ruby. Best of all, no prior coding experience is needed! Students walk away with 25 hours of computer programming experience and an understanding of whether it is an area they want to continue pursuing.

CodeNow is excited to partner with Adobe for our upcoming Seattle workshop. Combining in-person training with outside learning, Adobe engineers will serve as volunteer trainers to guide small groups of students through CodeNow’s game-based curriculum.

Please find the specific details of the upcoming workshop below:

  • Workshop dates: March 5, 6, & 19
  • Extended Application deadline: February 24
  • Online application can be access at
  • Flyer can be downloaded here
  • FAQs can be accessed at the bottom of our Program webpage
* This Event is not SPS nor Garfield HS events and you need to talk to your parents/guardians before registering or participating in them
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