Rhino Training Jan 2016

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Resources from the Rhino

Agenda for Teacher Training, Tuesday, 2/18:

  • Intro and Question “What do you want out of today?”
  • Recap of Preparing a file for 3D Printing and Printing (Computer > T: Drive > 3d print > 3D Print Instructions for Makerbot – OPEN THIS )
  • Rhino Basics (tip of the iceberg)
  • Editing an STL file in Rhino (altering an existing design basics) Video for adding plane to cap off starts at 23:30
  • Basic creation using Rhino User Guide
  • Further Learning from Rhino

 Rhino In Education website:
- User Guide & Tutorials (PDF version of the User Guides)
- Trainings and Resources (Note: Teachers can attend trainings for free)
- Curriculum guide

Rhino3d.com Homepage most everything can be found through this page
Use Search or the menu items like:
- download has Documentation in lower left
- learn has tutorials & training classes available

Cool Key Commands: Note right-click in Command areas shows you history to use.
Solid > Extrude - Makes a curve/2D shape extended into a 3D Object.
– to import the image, can be added nicely to the front or top view.
Rebuild – allows adding more points (nodes) to an object, increasing the Point Count’s number of U & V’s
F10 – Points On
Split & Trim – Select object, Split command, then select curve to split it, and Enter. Now you can select the two pieces.
Surface > Blend Surface (BlendSrf) – Select two surfaces and connect them smoothly, selecting Curves in the control allows seamless connection.
Surface > Unroll Developable Srf – Expands out a surfaces of the object. Explode = No – will connect pastern, Yes – will separate parts
Fillet – allows you to select two curves and remove extending portion to clean up edges.  Set Radius to 0 for no curve on edge.  For printing/cutting make sure to avoid 0 radius fillet/edges they are difficult to manufacture and can cause wear/smoke on some CNC’s.
Curve > Offset – to add thickness of a curve to form a wall

Bottom Menu items:
Osnap – set the snap to grid, end points, and such to produce a more connected item
Gumball – adds set of handles to move your object with controls

Tips for 3D Printing:
- Design for 3d Tutorials here: http://rhino3du.ning.com/page/tutorials-1
- Create the NURBS (Mesh > From NURBS Object) model with most resolution
- Always Export your selected design (to an “STL” file type) do not “Save As
- Match the resolution of your machine (?)
- Make sure “Export Open Objects” is NOT checked, they would not print.



Class, 8 & 9th Jan 2016 Garfield HS: 

Google Folders Of References!

Sample Images: (use the command PictureFrame to import the image)

Tootsie Red Wrapper (tif)




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