Dec 12th Robotics Contest Updated Details

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The competition will be in a slightly different local: 1111 13th Ave., Seattle WA 98122.

The Gym Entrance

The previous room was not available, and our gym was available, so we will be having the competition in the gym.  The gym is located at 1111 13th Ave., Seattle WA 98122, (on 13th between Union & Spring)

Please don’t show up prior to 8:30am.  We will have a slightly later start this time , but still plan to end again around 3pm. 

Mr. Fell’s school cell: 206-735-1265, active day of the contest.

STREAM Building


Parking will be in the basement of the STREAM building, located at 1220 E. Spring St, Seattle WA 98122.  That’s just around the corner from the gym.  The entrance to the parking lot is shown in the lower left corner of the picture of the stream building which is attached.

(previous communications regarding parking and location for the 2nd event… they are now wrong.)


Please make sure that robots are pre-inspected.  For ZTE Speed phones, please ensure that you have downloaded the Wifi Direct Channel Changing App ( onto both of your phones.  We will try running this competition with some pairs of phones on a different channel from the others in order to reduce wi-fi noise.

Please Please Please ensure that phones are named correctly prior to coming to the event.  Phones should be named “1234-DS” and “1234-RC”.  In the event that you have backup phones, they should be named as follows:  ”1234-B-DS”, etc.   Last time we had major problems because one of the phones had a new line character in its name, which was causing all ZTE Speed phones searching for wifi direct phones to restart.  If that problem happens again, we will have to stop and address it, which may necessitate a long and laborious troubleshooting session that nobody wants.  See section 2.3.5 of the Control System Troubleshooting Guide for more details (linked here).

Please bring a surge protector, replacement parts, tools that you might need, food for snacks, etc.

We will again be selling concessions with the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Rotary Club in the Central District.  They are just starting an FLL robotics program and are in definite need of additional financial support.

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