Garfield takes 1st and 3rd Place at PACC

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Garfield at the Paul Allen Computer Challenge (photo by Malayka Gormally)

Saturday, June 6th was the annual Paul Allen Computer Challenge (PACC), a contest where students learn about Data Science; this year focusing on improving health and sports performance by analyzing captured bio-metric data.  We had four teams participate, three complete the final project and two of those win 1st and 3rd Place in the Poster Session.  All students did well learning about the evolving important field of Data Science, which drives innovation in everything from health care to consumer experience, from disaster survival to crime investigation.

The winning teams are respectively:

FrizBros: Halden Lin, Adrian Golay, & Brian Kooperberg created a Ghost App design that allows you to run against your previous highest score to encourage improvement. (Note: they used Android Studio, the new free professional development environment using Java.  To learn more check out Marty Stepp’s CS 193A: Android App Development Class resources from this past Winter at Stanford)

The Breakfast Club: Fiona Gasaway, Declan Farr, and Connor Gormally, also created an App designed to remind one when they have been too sedentary, suggests an exercise, and encourages you while you perform the activity calling out your count. (Note: they used MIT App Inventor a powerful block based programming environment, that makes it easy to start building Android Apps)

These teams impressed the UW staff Judges who encourage both teams to continue development of their so they could use them.   It was a great day talking to the other high school teams, professionals and UW staff hosted at the Living Computer Museum.

Copies of our Garfield teams Posters are linked here:
FrzBros: GHOST Poster (pdf)
The Breakfast Club: ActivDay Poster (pdf)
Alexia’s Boiz: Fit Reminder Poster (pff)

For more details about the Paul Allen Computer Challenge and Living Computer Museum, see the links below:
- Paul Allen Computer Challenge
- Living Computer Museum

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