Fall 2014 Song Project’s Extra Verses

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Some of the Excellent Extra Verses from Fall 2014 AP CS’s Project 1: Song to enjoy…  (note: these were fairly randomly selected while Mr. Bergquist was grading)

Coding is just a big social commentary
// is a sign you’ve been visited by the comment fairy

Reducing redundancy and repetition
Means more methods and perception

Codes can do many amazing things
Beyond than just what you can think

Put a class in a room,
Call that classroom.
Throwing a pass while learning code,
Call that passcode.
My keys landed on the board,
Call that keyboard.

Played fantasy football last night
But my boolean decisions weren’t a delight

Not tryna go off the topic of CS
But Skyline’s going down faster than the Pony Express

That line about Ms. Martin doesn’t make any sense
She’s not even my teacher – now this rap’s on the fence
Also what does the word ‘vile’ even mean
I would never use it in a rap better check your screen
For your rapping fails get off script bro
Cause I know we can’t take much mo’
‘Vile’ doesn’t even rhyme with complies my guys
This rap has just been compromised.

This poem is such a masterpiece
I’m DjGrasp and I say peace!

If you are confused by this crazy computer
I gotchu I will be your genius tutor

I code so fast that I finish before class ends
Watch me now as my code skills begin to ascend

All I do is program every night and day
I program all my tunes; don’t need a deejay

I’m killing the game when I write in Java
My code isn’t tame, it’ll burn you like lava

Now I’m my ending my program, so it’s time to go
Time to get featured on the British Variety Show

I’m so good I can code with my toe
For shizzle my nizzle you already know

Look at my code only twelve lines long
You’re the human race and I’ve wrecked you like King Kong

When I finish this code, I’ll hit the plus and the guy
If I type more it won’t do nothin’, so now I’ll say bye-bye

I’m too good at coding I don’t need help
When you see my code you jump up and yelp

I tap out things that I vaguely understand
I’ll catch myself up, ‘fore things get out of hand

Look at my code it got no redundancy
Bow down as I compile triumphantly

My code is super duper mega ultra good
Cause chips and bytes and cookies be my food

This here is a rap about Java, what a novel idea!
When this hits the radio, you’ll be all, “mama mia!”

Yes I am so good at coding
I finish all my work while you guys are still loading

Code so hard, I’m givin’ you a virus
Code so hard, you’ll go back to papyrus!
I code in the morning and I code at night
So now that I code it’s such a fine sight

I’ve got 99 problems but coding ain’t one
Take a seat while you learn from the master son

You cannot brace yourself for this code
Because you can’t process this load

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