CODEDAY Memorial Day Weekend 2014!

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Garfield students at CodeDay, after 24 hours of coding…

CodeDay Attendees

CodeDay is “a 24-hour event where students passionate about technology get together and build cool things together! You pitch ideas, form teams, and build a cool app or game over 24 hours!” And a bunch of Garfield Students attended CodeDay, hosted at Porch in Eastlake, over Memorial Day weekend from noon Saturday to noon Sunday and we had a winner, Fisher (more details later).

Fun photos:

Coding Center, at 8:30am (20.5 hours of coding)

Coding Away through the night

A few crashed about 7am after 19 hours of coding

Swing Break! Get's your blood flowing.

Rowan's impressive interacting spheres

Nathan, Sophia & Amelia's great Pocket Dance App

Fisher's awesome Tunnel Game

Mack & William's excellent Key-Tar Hero

StudentRND staff trying out the Dance App

Getting Down with Key-Tar Hero

Everyone in awe of Fisher's Award


Posing for another photo...

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