Garfield 1st Place Advance in Spring 2014 Programming Contest!

posted by: Mr. Bergquist 27 April 2014 No Comment

Our Dawgbotics Team placed 1st the Puget Sound CSTA Programming Contest this past Saturday (April 26th) held at the amazing Living Computer Museum.

William, Rowan & Nathan worked together to earn 1st Place in Advanced and our top Novice team of Elias, Sasha & Mack missed 3rd place by just 15 points in the Novice competition.  Please congratulate them when you see them next – they did an outstanding job as did all our Garfield programmers.

There were a total of 50 teams and 150 students at the competition from 22 local high schools.  The next contest will be in December.  Details:
- Contest Results
All photos in Flickr
- PSCSTA Summary Page

Here are photos of our amazing Garfield students at the contest hosted by the Living Computer Museum!

Rowan, William & Nathan - 1st Place Advanced




Sasha, Mack & Elias

Daelen & Killian

Nathan, Rowan & William

Lila, Wesley & Karin with Mr. Bergquist

Gabe, William & Justin

150 Students programming!


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