App Inventor Procedures – Mole Mash Game

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Details on Procedures:

Goal: using the Tutorials below to build some procedures to:

Here are two versions of the online instructions to follow:
Instructions from MIT Site
Instructions from site (this one included tracking your misses)

New Concepts to learn and master:

  • Timers and the Clock component
  • Procedures (see above) try to add some more, maybe one that returns a value.
  • Picking Random numbers

Once you get the game working, Explore some variations. Here are some ideas for additions to MoleMash:

  • Change the timer speed, try to either:
    • Add buttons to let the user make the mole move faster or slower.
    • Make the game vary the speed of the mole in response to how well the player is doing. To vary how quickly the mole moves, you’ll need to change theMoleTimer’s Interval property.
  • Keep track of when the player hits the mole and when the player misses the mole, and show a score with both hits and misses. To do this, you’ll need do define touched handlers both for Mole, same as now, and for MyCanvas. One subtle issue, if the player touches the mole, does that also count as a touch for MyCanvas? The answer is yes. Both touch events will register.
  • Add a label to keep track of and display the number of times the mole has appeared (moved).
  • Add a second ImageSprite with a picture of something that the user should not hit, such as a flower. If the user touches it, penalize him by reducing his score or ending the game.
  • Instead of using a picture of a mole, let the user select a picture with the ContactPicker component.
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