2013-2014 Paul Allen Computing Challenge (PACC)

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 The Paul Allen Computing Challenge (PACC) is an annual challenge for high school students.  Learn real-world skills while solving real-world problems!

Poster Session Event is Saturday, June 7th 3-5pm at the Living Computer Museum, 2245 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134
Student Attendees need to bring this singed Permission Form (PDF) – please turn them into Mr. Bergquist before the event or bring them on Saturday.

Your final posters should be turned into your UW Advisor (by email) by Thursday night, June 5th, so they have  chance to review them and submit them Friday morning for printing.  Poster format is 32″x40″, you can cram a bunch on one.  Here are two samples: Trasnsit Trail Example full of Details (.pptx) & PowerPoint Sample Template (.pptx). Best of luck to everyone!

Students are invited to creatively apply their problem solving, math & programming skills to an event’s Twitter data through the Paul Allen Computing Challenge to win great prizes including Kindle Tablets & medals for all teams who complete the competition. This year, participants will examine Twitter data related to Cyclone Phailin, which hit India in mid-October 2013.

All Washington State high school students are eligible and encouraged to participate in teams of 3 – make your team complete by assembling a variety of skills in Math & Statistics, Social Studies, Programming/Spreadsheets, Art/Graphics and Physical Sciences; this will give you a variety of perspectives on interpreting the data, reaching insightful conclusions, and presenting it creatively – the key is collaboration and teamwork!

Here are the full rules and instructions packet (pdf) and the PACC Data Download a CSV file that can be easily viewed as a spreadsheets and read in by computer programs, like Java or Python.  You can Register for PACC Here in teams of  three, which requires members emails & shirt sizes plus an Advisor nam & email (teacher preferred).  More details at: http://www.pscsta.org/p/pacc.html

Great prizes! Students who complete the PACC will receive:

  • an Amazon Kindle pre-loaded with Paul Allen’s Memoir Idea Man: A Memoir by the Co-founder of Microsoft
  • a PACC medal
  • a special edition PACC hoodie
  • a Living Computer Museum T-shirt
What’s this all about?
Kate Starbird researches the use of Social Media around Crisis Events as an Assistant Professor at UW’s Human-Centered Design & Engineering department.  She gave a 40 minute presentation demonstrating “Data to the Rescue” (Video) at (place this path in the link location of your browser to play):
  S://embergquist/ReadOnly/PACC Material/DataToTheRescue.MP4
Sorry it’s a bit shaky at first and ends about 30 seconds too early, available here only within Garfield HS only (it’s 2.4 GB).  A little more about Kate in her introduction (video) at:
S://embergquist/ReadOnly/PACC Material/IntroKateStarbird.MP4
PACC Timeline:
More questions?  Talk to Mr. Bergquist in 115a, our computer science classroom & lab.
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