Scratch Pong Rubric 2013

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Make a Pong Game Project in Scratch that demonstrates your use of loops, variables, messages, and other programming concepts.  This will be our first Project worth 10 project points. Place a copy of your final Project in our shared class folder:
My Computer > S: > embergquist > Writeable > IntroCS > Class Period 1 or 3 >
With your name in the program’s title.

Last day to turn in: Monday, March 14th, 2016 (UPDATED for 2016 Spring class)

Have Fun and be creative!

Scratch Pong Project evaluation criteria:  (Total: 10 Project Points)

Design, Creativity & Effort:  (5 Points)
(__/1) – Entertaining and Fun – project is engaging and easily enjoyed by others
(__/1) – Originality – project has unique qualities – add something to make it your own.
(__/1) – Good use of class time (sustained effort, no off-task, done on time)
(__/1) – Program is well tested and free of bugs
(__/1) – Scratch Code is well laid out for easy viewing

Scratch Features: (Maximum 5 Points)

__ (__/1) – At least three Sprites
__ (__/1) – Keyboard and/or mouse actions control activity (i.e. move paddle sprites)
__ (__/1) – Ball bounces between paddle with varying angles
__ (__/1) – Score is tracked & displayed for each player
__ (__/1) – Broadcast signals game over, states the winner and stops the ball

_________ Total (out of 10)

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