Play Archipelago!

posted by: Mr. Bergquist 4 June 2013 No Comment


  1. To to My Computer from your Desktop
  2. Select the S: Drive “GAR_StudentData”
  3. Find the “embergquist” folder and then it’s “ReadOnly” folder
  4. There click on the file: “Archipelago.jar” and copy it (either Control and “c” or Edit menu select Copy.
  5. Go back to “My Computer” and select your Student Folder on the H: Drive. but don’t go down into any of your sub folders.
  6. In your Student H folder Paste the copied “Archipelago.jar” file by either pressing Control and “v” or under the Edit menu select Paste, you should see a copying window pop up briefly.
  7. You can now run Archipelago by double clicking on the file – if you need instructions, just press the H key for help.
Let us know what you think of the game by adding comments below!  Thanks!
Mr. Bergquist
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