UW in HS Final Scoring

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Your UW in HS final grade will be based on the following percentages:

  • 35% – Semester 1 percent grade
  • 35% – Semester 2 percent grade to 15 week grade
  • 30% – UW in HS Final Exam – 100 minute exam (updated 2018)

UW in HS exam may include: Expressions, Array Mystery, Input Mystery, Inheritance/Polymorphism Mystery, Line-based and/or Token-based File Processing (Scanners), Array Programming, ArrayList Programming, Classes (creating a method within a class).  No Notes or Book - only our two Syntax sheets: Java Syntax Sheet V5 · Object Concepts

General Grading Guidelines for AP UW in HS, based on overall class percentage:

  • 90%: at least 3.5
  • 85%: at least 3.0
  • 80%: at least 2.5
  • 75%: at least 2.0
  • 70%: at least 1.5
  • 60%: at least 0.7

To review for the final, besides doing Practice-It problems, there is a collection of Sample Exams that can be found in the past year’s UW CSE 142 classes pages, typically mid way down the Exam pages along with more resources to review and such:
- Stuart Rege’s 2016:
- Ms Martin’s CS 142 Exam 2012 page:

I use the latest CSE Grading Scale to make final score assignments - I will be reviewing our class distribution with the UW before submitting and communicating final grades, they are subject to their approval and actual scoring may be adjusted accordingly.

Let me know if you have any questions on this scoring.

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