Scratch Lists, Loops, User Input & Strings Project

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Scratch Lists, Loops, User Input & Strings Project – 20 Project Points!

Goal: Integrate the programming concepts of User Input, Loops controlled by variables, Lists to store data, and assembling Strings to create an interesting tool or game in Scratch.

Resources to help you from our class:

You will be designing these on your own, they are YOUR project.  Let me know what ideas you have to make sure they fit this Rubric below.  More features and creativity you put into it, the more points you will get…

Initial Ideas:

  • MadLib-like story telling. Not very hard, but good demonstration of lists, how can you make it more creative with unique features and entertaining?
  • Student selector program – randomly picks a student to answer questions. Can you make it choose every student once before they are called on again? How would you use export for this??
  • Your own ideas?

Project evaluation criteria:  (Total: 20 Project Points)

Design, Creativity & Effort:  (Max: 10 Points)
(__/2) – Entertaining and Fun – project is engaging and easily enjoyed by others
(__/2) – Originality – project has unique qualities – add features and images to make it your own.
(__/2) – good use of class time (sustained effort, no off-task, done on time)
(__/3) – Program is well tested and free of bugs
(__/1) – Scratch Code is well laid out for easy viewing

Scratch Features: (Max: 10 Points)

(____/2.5) – Asks User for Input and stores it to a list and/or variables
(____/2.5) – Contains at least 2 Loops, one controlled by a variable
(____/2.5) – Uses at least one List of data
(____/2.5) – Displays text (using “say” or “think” in Scratch) containing results of User data input (i.e. using “join” to make sentences).


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