Scratch Conversations and User input

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Your goal here is to make a creative conversation between two Scratch Sprites and include at least one user input (a word or phrase that the user provides) into the conversation.  To assist you, here are the the Scratch Commands and instructions for a simple conversation and there is demonstration program linked here: The Conversation

Your Conversation must include:

  • 2 Sprites
  • at least 7 lines of dialog between them
  • During the conversation, you must prompt the user for at least one word or phrase and then insert it into the conversation.  To do this you will need to:
  1. Create a new variable (i.e. Response) to store their response
  2. Under Sensing, use “ask ___ and wait” to ask for the word or phrase from the user
  3. Set the variable to the “answer” – which is your user’s reply to the ask: “set Response to answer”
  4. Then during your conversation, under Operators, use the “join __ __” to insert the Response in your conversation.
  • NOTE: when you “ask ___ and wait”, your other Sprite will need to know when the response has been received to begin talking.  You will want to use a “broadcast __” an event to signal this and your other Sprite can then “When I recieve __” that event they can continue the conversation.
  • Be creative, you can ask for more than one word.  Make the dialog interesting.


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