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Here’s the schedule for getting us through the AP Exam and subsequent UW in HS exams.  Please let me know in advance if you will be out for any of our Exam dates.

Mon & Tue, April 20th & 21st:  Self Review of Recursion Mysteries & Sorting Algorithms & O-Complexity.
- Sorts: like BinarySearch & Sort visualizations (Video:binary search)
- Video: Complexity  (“CheatSheet” PDF)
Thu April 24th – Polymorphism (& its Mysteries)
Handout: Polymorphism & its Mysteries
Super & Polymorphism Summary! (includes Abstract Class & Methods!)

Our Final Schedule:
Tues, April 28th - Free Response Portion of the Final Mock AP Exam (50 min + Take Home problem due Fri, May 1st)
Thur, April 30th - Multiple Choice Portion of the Final Mock AP Exam/UW in HS exam – not Notes, only Syntax sheets (110 min)
Thur, May 7th - Make up date for UW in HS exam – not Notes, only Syntax sheets (110 min)

(Sat, May 2nd – APCS & UW in HS Review Day and Ice Cream Social at UW)

Mon & Tues, May 4th & 5th -Mock AP Multiple Choice Answers & Review & Mock AP Free Response Answers & Review
Thur, May 7th – AP CS Exam

Classwork Due Dates:
Tuesday, May 5th  last day for full points on Jumper classwork.
Monday, May 11th - Last day for full points on Critters (Gridworld, part 4: Exercises: 1, 2, & 3 OR KingCrab.)
Last Day for sign off  Tues, May 19th – Snake Project, Start Final Project of your choice.

On to working on Final Project of your own choice… Details to follow.

Practice AP & UW in HS Exam Resources:

- AP Multiple Choice (MC) Practice – you recieved paper copy before break and solutions afterward.
- AP Free Response Questions (FRQ) Samples from Previous Exams (Solutions are are under “Scoring Guidelines” Section) – you now need to sign in to access – try some!
-  2014 AP CS Java Quick Reference!  (copy contained in the exam)
Quick Reference for AP Exam (old version with GridWorld for your Mock AP exam)
College Board’s Exam Tips for APCS A
Free AP MC Practice Site site (may be down)
- AP Cram Sheet (from Ms. Hess of Tahoma HS)
- AP CS Tips
- Conditionals and for each Loops
- Number representations: Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, & Octal (On Line Summary)
- Our AP CS Exam Review pages – Super PowerPoint
- UW 142 Class Summary with Videos, Lectures & Labs
- Practice-It, especially sample Final 142 Exam questions
- AP Grading Guidelines – not exact, may vary. Lowest 5: 77.50%, 4: 58.75%, 3: 46.25%, 2: 36.25%
- Learnerator – has many ‘free’ multiple choice questions to try, but you need to pay to have “full access”.  This is new this year (14-15) so let me know what you think. Check online for discount codes or talk to me.

- Sat, May 2nd – AP CS Review Day & Ice Cream Social, 1-4pm at UW Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering - register to attend.

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