“Building a Tree Worksheet” Scoring Criteria

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Building a Tree Worksheet” Scoring Criteria. Due date Monday, April 18th, 2016

For full points (15), your Scratch program must:

0) Be tested and working correctly. Please don’t show it to us for sign off till you have it perfect.  Feel free to ask for help.

1) Draw the upper Tree by repeated stamping a sprite (any good sprite is fine).

2) Have the tree grow correctly when the size variable (Total Rows) is changed.

3) Have the size variable’s slider set to an appropriate Minimum and Maximum value, such that all values display well on the screen.

4) Create the Stem of the Tree correctly for all sizes of the tree.

5) Have the original sprite either hidden or forms the tree trunk (no extra sprites).

6) Have this and the “Stamping a Box” worksheet completed and signed off by Monday, 21st Oct, unless you have an excused absence the week prior. Talk to me if you are having problems.

You will lose 1.5 points for every failing item above, and another point for every day after it is not turned in.

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