Learning a New Program

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Most of you have just learned to use Paint.NET for the first time in the past week.  We used several different ways to learn how to use it: lecture demonstration, written step by step instruction, trial & error (just trying things out yourself), help from your teacher & classmates, and watching video demonstration.  I want you to think about these ways of learning a new program, and think what were the most effective for you by answering these questions.

Reflection Assignment: Please write down your answers to these questions on a sheet of paper and turn in today. Worth: 5 class points. Title the page “Learning  A New Program” and answer in full sentences as completely as possible. (PDF Worksheet Version)

1. In the past, how did you learn how to use computer applications/programs, like MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint?

2. What features or functions of Paint.NET did you learn from each of the leaning methods we tried?  Hopefully you learned something from each of these.

  1. Lecture Demonstration: ________________________________
  2. The Written step by step instructions: ________________________________
  3. Trial & error (just trying things out yourself): ________________________________
  4. Help from your teacher or classmates: ________________________________
  5. Watching a video demonstration: ________________________________

3. Which are the two (2) best ways that you learned about Paint.NET and why did they work well for you??

4. When you have to learn a new computer program or more features of one, how will you approach this?  Where will you start and which of the methods of learning above would you use (hopefully more than one)?

5. Do you think that Paint.NET (or similar graphics program) is something you might use in a future career and/or personal projects?  Did you enjoy learning Paint.NET?




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