Exploring the Parts of a Computer

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[15 Classwork Points, due end of period Tuesday, Feb 11th, 2014] 

You will spend the period hunting down and gathering notes on the major components (parts) that are inside most every computers (including computer devices like cell phones & video games).  This is in preparation for taking PC’s apart and studying them later this week.  I also want you to demonstrate how good you are at using Microsoft Office – use MS Word to create a document for your work – if you know any cool features of Word, try to include them in your document; don’t if you are not an expert.

Create a Table with the following columns of details for each component:

1) The Name and an image of the component.  Find an appropriate online image and add it to the document – re-size the image if it is too big.
2) Description: read about the component online and write a description in your words of what it does for the PC
3) Units of Measurement: most of these components are measured in some unit to indicate how powerful it is, like can of juice is measured in ounces to tell you how much is inside.  Find the Unit of measure for each of the components that have them.  Do your best to find how each is measured.
4) Connections to other Components: each of these components connect (usually with cables) to other ones inside the computer so they can all work together to function.  Determine which other components each is connected to.

The Table will start out looking like this…

Component Name and image Description: What is it for? Units of measurement? Connections to other components

And fill our a row out for each these components:

  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Power supply
  • Hard drive
  • Video card

You can start exploring here (try the Search box in the upper left).  You will have time on Monday & Tuesday to finish this, please bring in the completed assignment tomorrow.  Please save your work to our Classroom Shared folder under:
My Computer > S: > embergquist > Writeable > Exploring CS > Class Period # > – include your name in file name.

To get 10 points out of 10: give useful and meaningful definitions – not so technical or so wordy that you don’t understand them.  Include some pictures, the units of measurement and how they are connected.  Be as complete as you can.  If you need help with Word, you can start off with this starter document, download it from here. (Ask for help if you need it).

If you breeze through this and think you know it all already, try the CPU quiz.

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