Final Project – Scratch Option

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Create a final project in Scratch and connect it to what we learned in Python.

Complete the following:

  1. Answer these questions, which will help you connect Scratch to Python. You MUST handwrite this part.
  2. Create a small game. Design and build a small game of your choice. If you took Exploring Computer Science, your game must be significantly different from the ones you have already created! You may look at for inspiration. The requirements here are deliberately vague — the goal is for you to experiment. Ideas:
    • Maze game: the user uses the arrow keys to move a sprite in a maze. A point is lost each time the maze border is touched
- Pong: the users control paddles that go up and down the screen and a ball goes back and forth
    • Collect all the objects: the user must click on all of the images in a certain amount of time. Check out the details of this role playing game.
    • Guess my number game: the computer generates a random number that the user must guess. The computer gives hints like ‘too high’ and ‘too low’ to help the user
    • Racing game. The user controls a car around a track and gets points for each lap

You don’t have a lot of time so don’t be too ambitious but do try to experiment with as many different kinds of Scratch blocks as possible.


Your grade will be based on the accuracy of your answers to the worksheet questions and on the originality of your Scratch game. I expect you to experiment and come up with something you can be proud of and that leverages the ideas we learned in Python.

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