Final Project – Python Option

posted by: Mr. Bergquist 4 June 2012 No Comment

Chose your own Final Project in Python – come up with a project of your own.  Write up a description of the project you would like to do to be reviewed with Mr. Bergquist.  I expect you to come up with something you can be proud of and that leverages the ideas we learned in Python.

Here are some ideas and samples from previous classes:

  • A tool to help solve problems in a Math or Science class
  • Bagels (Master Mind board game)
  • Baby Names
  • Mad-Libs maker – prompt the user for a series of nouns, verbs and adjectives and then print out the story they are used in.  Add multiple stories to choose from and be able to repeat the story making.  Make sure to keep busy coding through our project time.
Be creative!
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