Project Poster Presentation with

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Project Poster Presentation

On June 7th, we will set up the lab as an open house to show your projects to several development engineers.  Each team will have their project program running as well as the code available for review.  You will create a poster to present the highlights of your project, like a Science Fair display, with the key points that you can then discuss with the staff and classmates.  Below is a list of information you should have on your poster and/or be ready to discuss during the presentation.  Be creative on the poster, use images and color to express yourself as well as the project.  10 project points will be given based on quality of the poster itself.

Also be ready to ask the staff questions about working in the computer field and programming – this day is about sharing your project as well as helping you better understand the wonderful world of computer science.  They are here to help inform and hopefully inspire you.

  • Name of your project *
  • List of all team members *
  • Description of your project *
  • Outline the structure of the Objects and major data structures (i.e. Arrays or ArrayLists) used for the project *
  • Who is the target user of your project and what problem does it solve?
  • What did you discover creating this project?
  • What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?  Did you make as much progress as you thought you would?
  • What is next?  What further improvements or plans do you have for the project?
* Required information on your Poster please.
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