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Create Your Own Adventure Project: 25 Project Points

You will create a text-based adventure game in Python (full Rubric). The story line is entirely up to you, so have some fun with it!  In a text-based adventure game, information about the state of the world is printed out to the user and the user is given options to act.  For example:

West of HouseYou are standing in an open field west of a dark house, with a boarded front door.There is a small mailbox here.
What would you like to do?  1) Go North 2) Go West 3) Open mailbox
You open the mailbox and see mail...

Our Goals

You have done several smaller programs and it’s time to use all them all together. Before you start programming, organize how you are going to break down the problem and your functions.
- First you will need a while loop that will allow the user to keep trying the game every time it “ends”
- Then within the program you will have a series of conditionals (if) to decide how it will proceed
- And there will be a puzzle that will need to be solved using another while loop
So think through how do you want to create functions organize this functionality and make it easier to write.  In general, programmers do not want any function, method or their main program to be longer than 25-30 lines of active code (not counting blank lines or comments); so see if you can break this project down into reasonable sized functions; it will make it much easier for you to work on.  You can then test each function one at a time till you have them all working together.  I also will be asking you to draw out your program organization so you get a view of how your program will work – we will work together at this.

Adventure Ideas

  • An exciting day at Garfield
  • Detective unravelling a crime
  • Superhero after a villain
  • Villain avoiding a superhero
  • Journey to another planet

Requirements (Rubric)

- The story must be school appropriate
- Your program must have a comment at the top with your name and a description
- There must be at least 5 decision points; places where the user is asked to make a decision, solve a problem, etc.
- You must use at least two variables used in the program that that determine display and your fate (Name, age, score, shoe_color, number of jewels found, number of classes stayed awake in…)
- You must have at least one complex condition (If my health is less than 5 and I get attacked by a bear, I die)
- There must be at least one way to die and at least one way to win (Capture the Villain, get the date to prom, get eaten by a dinosaur, eat poison)
- It must be possible to keep playing the game forever (type ‘again’ to play again)
- There must be at least one “puzzle” the user has multiple tries to get
What is 2 * 5? 3
No, try again! 6
No, try again! 10
Please try to make it more fun than multiplication!


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