AP CS Project Proposals

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Create a project proposal document containing the following details, labeled appropriately. Pretend you are pitching a product idea and provide the details to promote it. Due: must be in by Friday May 12th, 2017 (so you have time to work on it!)

Project Title & Team:
A descriptive name for your project along with a list of any team members (please teams of 1-3 students)

Write a general description of the project you have in mind for this class.  Make it at least a solid paragraphs or equivalent outline but no more than a page. List any specific features you would like to include in your project. Keep in mind there are a few more details to answer too…

Target User/Customer & Purpose:
Who is the user or “customer” of the resulting project, who is the product for?  What value would it provide them, what problem does it solve?  Write a short paragraph or list of kinds of user and how it would benefit them. You will need to keep your users in mind as you develop and make sure you meet their needs in the end product.

Major Classes
What major classes are you going to have to design and write? (Here is a good example of a class breakdown for a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.  In fact, your project could be to implement these classes and stick a graphical interface on top.  You may want to use Creately to draw UML diagrams.  At this point, you don’t have to dive into too much detail but you should at least have a rough sense of what the pieces are — “Star is a class that has x, y, z coordinates and brightness.  Constellation is a class that contains a list of stars.”)

Project Plan
What internal group due dates will you set for yourself? Keep in mind the deadlines for the project (eg “Bob will write Star class by Wednesday” “Joe will get basic graphics running by Wednesday” “Bob and Joe will have a text-only version working by Thursday” “Start poster by 6/2″)

Potential Difficulties & testing
What do you anticipate the two hardest parts will be and why? And what is your plan for testing your product (make sure to include that in our Project plan)

What do you propose to implement the project in?  List out the Language, tools to aid in its development, and hardware required.  You can suggest options, if you think there are possibilities. Again keep in mind the final project deadlines.

What can I do to make your life easier?

Save the file in our shared S: drive “APCS” Writeable area in your “Period 3/6 Classwork” folder.  The name of the MS Word file should be <Your Name> – <Short Title of Project>, ie.  “Alan Turing – Code Breaker.docx”  (If you have an alternative document file format, check with me first to make sure we all can easily read it.)  Make sure to include your name as the author of the document.

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