Structured Diagram for the DNA Project

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Classwork: 10 points, due Monday, 8th February allowing time to finish the DNA project, due Thursday, 11th Feb, 2016.

Sketch a diagram that illustrates how you plan to break down and & structure your code for the DNA project.  Make sure to include:

  • Methods as boxes with descriptive name, suggest adding list of Inputs and Outputs within the box.
  • Arrows showing how each method is being called by main along with the key parameters passed to the method and the data returned (if any) from it.
  • Do your best to highlight any data structures key to your project design in the diagram.

This diagram will allow you to organize your thoughts on how to approach this project and make sure that you follow our Project Correctness Checklist to ensure a good score on its internal correctness.  It is a draft and does not need to reflect your final design.  It will allow you to think through your project and discuss it with others before starting your coding.  The diagram can be simply drawn out on a sheet of paper or done using a graphics program – whatever is easiest for you.

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