Scratch Final Project Rubric

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Develop a Creative final Scratch Project that demonstrates your skills and cleverness using Scratch.  This will be worth 30 project points and be evaluated by your peers as well as the instructor.  Build on one of our previous projects or try a new one.
Ideas and resources are collected here:  Scratch Project Resources

Milestones: (Fall/Winter 2012 class dates)
Wed/Thur, 9/10th Jan – Project Plan complete and reviewed
Tuesday, 15th Jan – Progress Check-In with Mr Bergquist
Friday 18th Jan – Project Completed, ready for… (grading will start)
Tuesday, 22nd Jan – Peer reviews during class

Have Fun and be creative!

Scratch Final Project evaluation criteria:  (Total: 30 Project Points)

Design, Creativity & Effort:  (15 Points)
(__/3) – design work done before implementation – Plan & Sketch sheets completed and reviewed before you started major work (must be signed off with Mr. Bergquist)
(__/3) – Clarity – Project had a clear predefined goal and was easy to use
(__/3) – Entertaining and Fun – project is engaging and easily enjoyed by others
(__/3) – Originality – project has unique qualities
(__/3) – good use of class time (sustained effort, no off-task)

Scratch Features: (Maximum 12 Points)
There is a variety of functionality in Scratch, you don’t need to use all of it – demonstrate at least 6 of the following features to fully earn up to 12 points maximum:
__ (__/2) – At least three Sprites, one of your own design
__ (__/2) – A Sprite displays at least 5 different costumes
__ (__/2) – At least 4 different kinds of motions are used
__ (__/2) – At least two Events are used to trigger activity between Sprites
__ (__/2) – Variables used to track points or some kind of displayed value
__ (__/2) – Pen is used to draw on the screen
__ (__/2) – Questions are asked and answers gathered to determine actions or replies
__ (__/2) – Keyboard and/or mouse actions control activity (i.e. move sprites)
__ (__/2) – Stage changes throughout project at least 2 times
__ (__/2) – At least three different sounds are used in the application
__ (__/2) – Another feature to add to our list?:_____________________________

Project Functionality:  (3 Points)
(__/3) – Project works correctly and does not have any major failures.

_________ Total (out of 30)

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