Scratch Debug It!

posted by: Mr. Bergquist 2 January 2012 One Comment

Introduction: You have all probably written a scratch script that did not work the way you intended the first time.  This exercise is to take some broken pieces of scratch code and fix them to work correctly.  You will examine each, work to fix it and then document how you fixed it in a worksheet for today’s assignment.  Please turn in a paper copy of the completed assignment at the end of the period with you best attempt at fixing each of these.

Assignment: Run each of the Debug Scratch programs and fix them, take notes on how you fixed them and fill out Fill out a copy of the Debug It Worksheet (PDF) and Turn it in.

The Debug programs can be found in the S: embergquist > Read-Only > Exploring CS > Scratch DeBug It folder – this way you will not accidentally change them.  They are also available for download here – you will need to save each of them locally and then you an run them:

Debug 1: circle spin
Debug 2: flipping out
Debug 3: dance music
Debug 4: lost hat
Debug 5: arrow moves

These are all graciously taken from ScratchEd’s Curriculum Guide v20110923.

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