Project Final Release – Jan 2012

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Projects in CS: Final Release 

Create a “Release” of an appropriate version of one of your team’s projects to be available for review and copy of code to hopefully shared with your mentor and other students.  Produce the Release document (preferably in MS Word)  that clearly includes:

  • A brief Description of your Project’s overall goal
  • What Features are included in this release?
  • Clear instructions on how to install and use this version of the project
  • Any limitations of this release (i.e. known bugs)
  • Additional Features that your team would like to include in a future release
  • What are the plans for this project after the semester’s end?

(Release will be evaluated for all these items)

Each team is also required to produce a Presentation document in MS PowerPoint or Word targeted to a perspective user/customer of their project.  This should demonstrate the features and can act as a sales pitch to continue work on the product.  This is also for you to keep as a reference to talk to others about the project in the future.  Details on its grading will follow soon.

Due Date: Release Documents & Presentations will be reviewed for feedback by the three mentors for grading, they are due by Monday, 1st Feb to coincide with team presentations.


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