Part 3: Computing in the Workplace

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Preparing for your Future with Computer Science

Part 3: Computing in the Workplace - 10 Project Points
(at least 1 page long with 2 paragraphs of 5 sentences each – total at least 10 good sentences)

Assignment: create an MS Word document that expresses your current career focus and develop with your responses to the following questions.  The goal is for you to be able to discover more about computing by investigating more deeply a way computing is used in your current career path or a specific computing career. The resulting paper should be at least 1 page long, written in full sentences, include specific examples, and contain as many details as you can find.  Do not just cut and paste text – I want this in your words and ideas about the subject.  Add your work to the Word file you started previously in our class period’s shared Writeable Folder, named “Final Careers – <your name>.docx” adding this work as the Part 3 section clearly.  Choose one of these two options for your paper:

 Option 1: Your Career and Computing

Look up how computing affects a field you think you might be interested in pursuing.  For example, if you are interested in pursuing nursing, it would be very useful for you to know that Nursing Information Specialists are in high demand and can find additional details on Nursing Degrees here.  If you’re interested in being a journalist, you might investigate the role of social networking in providing news.  If you’re interested in becoming an FBI agent, read about how agency records are now linked by an expensive computer system.  If you want to be an auto mechanic, you might be interested in reading one mechanic saying that “computers have become as much a part of the tool box as wrenches.” Summarize the applications of computing you find and describe how they will impact what you do.  Provide lots of details and cite your sources.

Option 2: Cool Computing Jobs and Projects

Take this as an opportunity to dig more deeply into what it’s like to work in computing.  You could describe the daily tasks involved in a particular computing job, for example, a computer forensics expert.  Alternately, you could focus on a specific research area like Human Computer Interaction (@UW) or a particular research project like Fold-It.  Provide lots of details and cite your sources.  These resources should help get you started:

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