Final Part 1: Connecting with Computing

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Preparing for your Future with Computer Science

Part 1: Connecting with Computer Science - 10 Quiz Points
(at least one half page long with 1 paragraph of 5 complete sentences)

The goal is to have you identify key areas of computer science that are most significant to you.  When we started the class we all took “How Techy are We?” survey where you answered the question “What is Computer Science?” and wrote down everything you knew about it.  Take a look at your answers from the beginning of the semester and reflect on what you have discovered and leaned, focusing on how this knowledge may help you in your future.  Then create an MS Word document responding to the following two questions, answering in full sentences and including examples and details, your answer should be at least half a page in length.  Save the Word file to our class period’s shared Writeable Folder, naming it “Final Careers – <your name>.docx”.

  1. What did you find the most exciting in exploring computer science?  What areas and applications of computer science do you find the most interesting and will likely investigate further because of your own interests?  List at least two computer areas you enjoy.
  2. What areas and applications of computer science do you feel will be the most useful to you, especially in future careers that you are considering. List two or more computer uses that will be important to your future, include specific examples of how you see yourself using them.
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