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posted by: Mr. Bergquist 6 November 2011 No Comment

You will create a simple HTML page about your favorite celebrity. Don’t spend a lot of time deciding who to do it on — if you’re getting stuck, do one of the following:

  • LeBron James (you can exactly duplicate the example!)
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Lady GaGa

Your page should contain at least the following elements:

  • A page title (in the address bar)
  • A page header (in the body)
  • An image
  • A link
  • Two paragraphs
  • One ordered list (albums put out in release order, awards won in order, etc)
  • One unordered list (fun facts, movies stared in, etc)
  • Emphasized or strong text (using the em or strong tags)

We will learn to style this page using CSS tomorrow!

My example:

Once again thanks to Ms. Martin for creating an excellent exercise.

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