Starter Website Project

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Starter Website Project  (30 Project Points)

Assignment Details: You will be creating a web site with at least 3 pages to promote an idea or group you believe in.  For example, you could choose to create a website for the Garfield football team or the debate club.  Alternately, you may create one promoting mountain biking or recycling.  What’s important is that you apply what you have learned about HTML and CSS and work on creating a nice design.  To start, fill out a Starter Website Design Sheet that needs to be reviewed & approved by Mr. Bergquist before you start main work.

How to turn in: The main page or your website must be named “index.html” and placed in your individually named folder of our shared folder: GAR_StudentData(S:)\embergqusit\Writeable\ExploringCS\Period 1 or 3 Classwork\ by 3pm on Friday, January 8th.  Late work without a reason will be docked points.

Your Website will be evaluated on these criteria:  (Total: 30 Project Points)

Design & Topic:  (8 Points)
(__/3) – design work done before implementation –design sheet completed before you started major work
(__/2) – clear topic – well defined and covered
(__/3) – rich information about topic – plenty of good details

HTML Design:  (15 Points)
(__/5) – at least three HTML pages with clear, different focus
(__/3) – obvious and consistent (same) way to navigate between pages
(__/1) – at least two images
(__/2) – HTML is correct (all tags are closed, all tags are valid, etc)
(__/1) – single folder contains all website components (CSS, images, pages, etc)
(__/3) – good use of class time (sustained effort, no off-task)

Styling: (7 Points)
(__/4) – CSS applied to at least 5 different elements or classes in an external style sheet
(__/2) – thoughtful consideration of inspiration sites, color choice, design elements
(__/1) – CSS is correct (all curly braces closed, all rules are valid)

- Tutorials from 3WSchools on:
- Adding an External CSS file page:
- Color Selection Webpage:
- Design Websites for Inspiration:
- Tables in HTML:
- Menu Builder Tool:









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