Project 5: Creative Names Generator

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[30 Project Points]
You will write a name generator of your choice. You get to pick the theme for the names generated such as ninja, My Little Pony, Hobbits, princesses, pirates, etc. see Internet for ideas.  Turn-In file name is:

Be creative with this one! Your program must:

  • Start with some kind of greeting and introduction
  • Give the user clear instructions
  • Prompt the user for at least their first and last names and one other attribute; you could have them prompt for things like gender or favorite color, animal, food, number (even Pokemon, intergalactic bounty hunter, …; use your imagination).
  • Your program must continuously generate new names until the user enters some “Sentinel Value”; some sort of continuation prompt, like “do you want to generate another name? (y/n)”.
  • Generate different names based on the inputs plus one random decision – the generated name must be affected by all the inputs as well as have one portion be random to make it interesting.
  • Make at least four modifications to the original name (shift letters in the alphabet, add a suffix, randomly add something in the middle, repeat one piece of the name…)
  • Use at least three different methods (in addition to main) that do the String modifications to generate your final name
  • Use good procedural decomposition (each method does ONE task, main is good description, etc…)

Since this project cannot be auto-graded, classmates will try out your program and score it according to a rubric for the above requirements. Make sure to check our Project Correctness Checklist and follow our Coding Conventions.

Please ask in class if you have any questions or any clarity to this project description, it is intentionally left so that you can be creative and have some fun with this one.  In addition by evaluating your peers code, you will hopefully see how our conventions help make code more understandable and think more critically on your own program.  Thanks.

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